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Age :  56
Sign :  Aquarius
Location :  Haworth NJ  -  United States
Height :  173 cms.
Gender :  Man
Looking for :  Women

Greg men from United States Divorced
Yes, not living with me
College complete

I'm an intelligent, action-oriented and confident independent internet businessman who is thoroughly enjoying life and all it has to offer. I know how to enjoy the finer things a fine cigar, a full-bodied red wine and interesting people engaged in provocative, thought provoking conversation. Not only that; the growth of the internet and its capabilities, the availability of satellite communications and the advances in air travel have made the world a smaller place to be. It has become much easier to access the worldwide marketplace. My worldwide interests are consolidated under Tigerman Enterprises. Check out the website and learn more about me and my initiatives.
Chicago Blues; Movies: For Love of the Game, The Natural, Hitch; TV Show: NCIS, Leverage, Cheers; Football, Baseball, Cricket, Aussie Rules Football; Tigerman Enterprises
My special "woman of substance". Get in touch with me if you want to find out more.
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