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Age :  43
Sign :  Taurus
Location :  LasPinas  -  Philippines
Height :  228 cms.
Gender :  Woman
Looking for :  Men

amazingheart women from Philippines Never married
College complete

WHAT YOU SEE IS REAL.... No beating around the bush, I am generally modest and private person, thoughtful and careful before making decisions, and offering opinions. I greatly enjoy spending time with my good friends but I tend not to be terribly out going, I open up, but slowly, I share myself out in a careful way... even though I can be talkative and funny I don't crave flash and attention, it's quality and depth I treasured. Nevertheless, when it comes to a relationship I always finding way to make my man happy, I am sweet and passionate.... It's just takes time.... Being flexible is enough for me to listen to something new and different. Or something outside of my comfort zone. If its works for me, then I will take it in, if not, I will let it go....
Hobbies that interest me most is singing, and I love being in the kitchen or watching cooking shows... I think am a desperate chef.....
I am looking this person who will understand my reserved nature in which I am fairly comfortable, and he is fairly comfortable with me..... ADDED LISTS PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ: Kind Intelligent Honest Either shares or respects my faith Knows how I feel without me saying it constantly Knows how to have fun (good sense of humour) Knows how to fix things (I know, I know...) Has good manners Knows I'm capable, but wants to take care of me anyway Dancing eyes Wouldn't hurt if he was cute, though I'm actually not a big fan of very good-looking or extremely fit.
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