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Jamie Olender
Age :  53
Sign :  Sagittarius
Location :  Kamloops  -  Canada
Height :  180 cms.
Gender :  Man
Looking for :  Friends

Jamie Olender men from Canada Never married
Technical Course

I Jerry James Olender have been internet literate for the last 16 years currently marketing over 5,000 URL's in 18 different languages. I obtain 35,400 hits when my name is Googled and was once fortunate to reach 302,000 hits on a Google search. I have a minimal following on the net of 3 million followers Globally and enjoy teaching, sharing and learning. Have a wonderfully productive day.
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The same in others to see if and what other ideas they bring to the table. Especially if they are in positions of leadership. What did they propose to get there or are they merely acceptable appearing dummies with nothing to offer others but the same old cliches. That other politicians have offered to present before and still do. Oh here take this placebo.
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